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Cape Town

Hi, my name is Emily. I am a graphic and web designer located in New York City. My interests include photography, traveling, and railroad history. My popular railroad blog, I Ride the Harlem Line, has been featured in the New York Times, Atlas Obscura, on WPKN radio, and in Wired Design.

The site has gained notoriety partially due to my obsession with panoramic photography. My long and partially distorted panorama photographs capture a scene your eye is incapable of viewing, and renders the very linear landscape of the tracks and platform with graceful curves.

Flying in South Africa

Me flying with Ricky de Agrela, who holds the record for the longest flight around the world, in the smallest aircraft. The microlight we are in has been to over 32 countries, and bears an image of Nelson Mandela.

I truly believe that experiences are far more valuable than any possession, and travelling has always been a passion of mine. Nothing I own could ever compare to watching NASA’s final space shuttle launch from the VIP press site, gazing at a herd of 30 elephants drinking from the Chobe River from a tiny boat, staying the night at a hotel made entirely of ice and snow, or even a month long cross-country trip across America. Some of my dreams are to ride the whole Trans-Siberian railway, photograph Antarctica, and to visit every continent, and every US state.

Other things I enjoy include riding rollercoasters, and anything sci-fi (especially Star Trek). I’m intrigued by genetics, and am a volunteer for the Personal Genome Project – part of the PGP-1K.

On the Alaska Railroad

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